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Muhammad ﷺ

Hafiz ibn Hajjar: “The routine of the Prophet ﷺ was just to give a smile, however, at occasions he also laughed but his laughter was also very small, almost equal to a smile”.

- Zia un Nabi Vol 5

Beloved Prophet ﷺ: “Oh people listen! Your Lord is One, neither an Arab has any superiority to a non-Arab and nor has the non-Arab to an Arab, nor has a black to a red and red to a black, except in piety. To God, from amongst you is the most respectful, who is the most pious. Have I delivered to you the message? All who were present said yes, no doubt, He, then said let him who is present tell unto him who is absent.”

- Zia un Nabi Vol 5

(O My Apostle)! Surely what We have given to you, We have but given in abundance without measure. So keep offering prayer to your Lord, and do the sacrifice (for Him). Surely he who is your enemy will be cut off without name.

(Surah Al-Koathar V.1-3)

Hazrat Baridah Aslami: Once I went out for some task and all of sudden saw the Prophet ﷺ going out. He caught my hand and thus I accompanied him.

- Zia un Nabi Vol 5

Once a man appeared before the Prophet ﷺ and asked for an animal for riding. The Prophet said he would mount him on the baby of a she-camel. He replied with astonishment as to what would he do with a baby camel. The Prophet ﷺ then said whether all the camels were not babies of the she-camels.

- Zia un Nabi Vol 5

Abi Tufail Aamir bin Wathlah: Aamir had the honour to be the last companion of the Prophet ﷺ who died at the age of one hundred years. He, in the last days of his life said: (Part 1)

- Muslim

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